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Access to the house – keys

Arriving to Ganuza you have to take the first street to the right.

To 150 m. there is a place where you can park your car to unload your luggage

In front of this place there is a wooden door, over it you can see a red plaque with the letters «A T». Through this door you can get to the rural house.

After downloading your luggage you can park your car in the square, it is about 150 metres forward.

The key of the house

With the same key you can open the house and the wooden door as well. It is in a little safe box placed to the right of the red plaque.

How to open the safe box

  1. Take down the plastic dark little door that hide the numbers.

  2. Put the right combination.

  3. Press down the tab placed to the left of the numbers.

  4. Take the key. In the house there is two keys, you can use them.

The secret combination will be communicated by email.

Before leaving

The last day you can put the two keys over the low bookcase near the door.

Telephone contact

+34 695 40 80 83