Apartment Zaragoza – Guide

Apartment Zaragoza – guide, Burgos 11, advertised in AirBnb and Rentalia

Network: JAZZTEL_jdfe
Password: 6avqrdy7gg9p

Appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, induction cooker (be careful!, it gets hot quickly) and microwave supplied with grill. There is also a hairdryer in the bathroom.

Linen: In the wardrobe you will find some towels and in the bathroom one rug for the shower.

Products for personal care: toilet soap and toilet paper (two rolls). Products for cleaning: washing-up liquid and floor cleaner. One cleaning cloth, one scourer and a kitchen paper (one roll), one mop and one dust mop supplied with some throwaway cloths. In the kitchen into a drawer you can find two kitchen rags, one tablecloth and one apron.

apartment zaragoza - guideThe thermostat is in the corridor, next to the kitchen’s door. The temperature that appears in the screen is the one of the environment, to get the temperature you wish you have to press the + o – button, to increase or lower it.  The gas boiler is in the kitchen.